About Us

K&Z Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is established in April 1998. Located in the quaint city of Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we are a multi-disciplinary textile manufacturing company that values your trust. 

With strategic partnerships around Asia, K&Z Enterprise has been developing quality designs with competitive prices for clients from the UK and USA. 

As an expert and experienced manufacturer in the field, we have a professional team of experts specialised in providing our services to respectable and esteemed organisations in the UK, USA and Australia.

Our team hones strengths varying from classification to product specialty that can help you tailor your production needs to the highest of quality.


Our marketing department focuses in current textile trends and consumer's preferences. We are constantly up to date with our client's needs and maintain a seamless communication platform between our clients and in-house team.

Our merchandising team is trained and equipped with the highest attention to detail. Their responsibilities begin from sourcing to shipment.

Experienced in the industry for the past 20 years, our sampling department comprises of craftsmen who are skilled and knowledgeable in all things textile. 

Production & Shipping
Our production team is trained and experienced in the apparel industry since 1985 and have been proudly doing so since. We are collaborating with a network of partners that we trust. 

Our Partners

Lean Global Textile

Factory Land Area 17,600 m2
Build up area: 13,840 m2

Current Workforce 1,041 workers
18 lines

Sewing Machines 971
32 Sets of 4 needles 6 thread Machine

Monthly Production Capacity 50,000 DZ
Dozen Pieces

Standard Minute Value 15 min / pc


Product Types

Feel free to request for a marketing deck on the range of clothing products that we specialise in.

Fashion Apparel

Men and Women's Knitted Top/Bottom, Jacquard Jackets, Basic Tops, Jumpers and more.

Sleep wear

Baby/Toddler Knitwear, Flannel Sleepwear, Bathrobes and Loungewear sets.

Sports wear

Women's Sports Bra/Top, Pants/Leggings, Men's Basketball Shorts and Activewear.


Production Process


The choice of material can enhance your product. We assist in fabric sourcing on the type of fabric needed. We provide swatches, colour availabilities as well as any other variations that are available.


Sample-making allows for the opportunity to eliminate issues that may arise during production. Our team of designers work very closely with our clients through this process, find a solution and continue with producing a sample that is of your standard.

Our process begins with initial samples for fitting, alter accordingly, then finalise. From there, we create a final prototype for your approval. Once it has been approved and signed off, we will then produce a production sample ready for manufacturing.

This sample-making process may take some time prior to confirmation. However, rest assured that we will deliver the best quality.



There is no perfect formula as each project is approached based on our client's needs. Our team will recommend the path suited for your project. If you have an idea and require help sketching, our professional designers will be happy to assist.

As creating a product requires time and teamwork, we will be working to assist you in targeting and developing the areas that can be beneficial to your project.


Pattern-making is a complex craft in itself; our designers work tactfully to conceive the best fitting pattern for your project to come to life.

First, we work on paper for client's approval on patterns and fits. From there, we will transpose the paper pattern to digital format for easy grading and prototyping. Our state-of-the-art software enhances our client experience: appreciate the full spectrum of the development from initial design to final product and the identification of potential issues during production.


Tooling can be one of the more interesting stages of the design process and development. After the pattern-making process, we have the ability to digitise patterns. Using our advanced software, we create a 3D prototype that grades products as well as marker making. We can send all the information to factories, domestic or international, with the click of a button. 


We work with a network of partners globally on our production services. With over 30 years of tight-knit collaboration, we are confident that our prices are the best in the industry without compromising on our quality. 



Hassle-free production is a step away

At K&Z Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., we provide a variety of services under one roof. All of our design, pattern-making, cutting, sewing production, textile design, fittings, and more are all completed by our talented team of designers and craftsmen in our factory. 

We are proud to produce in Cambodia, with experienced, local craftsmen on our team. It is fundamentally important for us to provide jobs to the Cambodian community.